Tetiaroa Society’s Ecostation Gets Traditional Tahitian Blessing

From The Tetiaroa Society Blog:

The traditional blessing of our Ecostation took place on April 24, to instill the spirit and knowledge of Tahitian demi-god Honuura. The ceremony was led by spiritual leader Teihotaata Punitai, with the support of the Committee of Elders from Te Pu Atiti’a, an association that works to preserve Tahitian culture and customs.

Teihotaata Punitai blessed Tetiaroa Society’s Ecostation with the Tahitian name “Te Fare rau ihi” – The House of Multiple Sciences – which also refers in local terms to the marriage of science and wisdom.

Maeva and Maco Bougue, Marie Teihotaata, Marie Tepava, and Hinano Murphy, president of Te Pu Atitia, supported the ritual at the Ecostation on motu Onetahi.

Hinano Bagnis, Ph.D., executive director of Tetiaroa Society said, “The blessing ceremony was an essential first step before opening the Ecostation and we are all extremely honored by the name given by Teihotaata Punitai and the Committee of Elders. We have taken the wisdom of our ancestors and can now apply it to our future, to help preserve and sustain Tetiaroa and the world around us.”

Read more here: http://tetiaroasociety.org/te-fare-rau-ihi/