Warhol’s Elvis, Brando Portraits Sell for $151.5 Million

Two Andy Warhol paintings of Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando sold for a combined $151.5 million at Christie’s in New York.

“Triple Elvis,” a 1963 silkscreen of Presley in a publicity image for the movie “Flaming Star” in which he is shown as a cowboy with a gun, sold for $81.9 million. The almost 7-foot-tall work, in which Warhol repeated the image three times, had an estimate of more than $60 million.

“Four Marlons,” depicting four identical images of a young Marlon Brando wearing a leather jacket and a cap in a still from the movie “The Wild One,” fetched $69.6 million. The 1966 work, which is 6.75 feet high, also had a $60 million estimate. Prices include commissions; estimates don’t.

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