MrEman is born

Finally! Your go-to resource for all things noir – film reviews, must-haves for your makeup bag, fabulous fashion finds, advice, horoscopes, spots for swanky dining, red-carpet rumors, movie news and interviews. Oh, and anything else I feel like writing about.

All of this stylish sin is brought to you by the high priest of decadence, MrEman.

I’ve long been in love with film noir – those sumptuous, cynical tales of the darker side of life, an American cinematic phenomenon that started in the 1940s and was greatly influenced by German Expressionism and French Poetic Realism. In these movies, strong women often call the shots, or have fun trying, and they’re always dressed to thrill. Some say film noir is a b&w genre that ended in 1958; others call it a style that transcends time. For others, like me, noir is a way of life. 😉

The idea for the film reviews came to me after reading lots of film criticism about classic and neo noir. Mostly written by men, it often failed to give an interesting female perspective. So why not write about these terrific movies and offer fatale-centric reviews that are critically sound, but aren’t above gushing over a stunning gown, sassy ankle straps or a diamond brooch? (Admittedly, it took me about four years from thinking of the site to launching it, but then industriousness isn’t high on a vamp’s priority list, especially when shopping and champagne cocktails beckon.)

My aim is to provide insightful, entertaining film commentary and expert advice to look and feel like a million bucks. MrEman is also a place to connect with tough guys and wily women – such a challenge because ladies of ill repute can be hard to actually locate, what with traveling incognito, making quick getaways in 5-inch heels, vanishing like puffs of smoke, puffing smokes and seducing hapless chaps in dimly lit bars. I know, I know. Chances are, you don’t really sleep till noon, plan heists and pad your bank account with other people’s cash; you might even be a straight arrow with a 9-5 job. But a guy’s gotta dream, right?

So, take a look at this site, see what you think and let me know if there is a film, book, band, stiletto, trench coat, purse, lipstick, perfume, restaurant, club, hotel or handsome stranger that warrants a review. And stop by often because  I’ll be hosting contests and giving stuff away. Go on, embrace your inner temptress. Because as Mae West once said, “When I’m good, I’m very good. But when I’m bad, I’m better.”